Taba-ire(Breast pocket wallet)


A narrow wallet with the original beauty and supple texture of cowhide, prepared solely by Japanese tanners. Brought to you by craftsmen from “Hiroan”, Japan’s oldest leather crafting studio with 114 years of heritage. The slim and minimal design is accomplished by employing the “Beta-bari” technique to achieve this beauty with just the essentials. 


Dimensions:9cm × 19cm × 0.4cm(Folded)

Card storage capacity:4 cards


Material:Cowhide(External and internal)

Product Code:MA-SP4T


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【Japanese craftsmanship used for product】


The technique to fuse two sheets of thinly skived leather into one. This allows for the leather to be both flexible like rubber and strong against wear, all while retaining its original texture. This beta-bari is a technique individually perfected through long trial and error, revered throughout the world for its resulting slim form factor and abrasion resistance, preventing splitting between the leather sheets sealed together.


A technique for hand polishing the cross section of cut leather. It is seldom seen worldwide for its labor and time intensive nature. In most parts of the world, chemical treatment is the mainstream contender. The koba-migaki, sparing no time and efforts on the other hand, retains the leather’s beauty from its natural sheen as well as high durability.