To be minimal means to carry only what are essential.

With Craftsmanship

"With Craftsmanship"

Delivering an experience in the form of the Japanese Craftsmanship

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Pop-Up Store #02

Pop-Up Store #02

Coming soon...
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MAROS x SR Pop-Up Store #01

MAROS x SR Pop-Up Store #01

日本橋兜町のSR Coffee Roaster & Barにて、


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About MAROS Craftsman


長谷川 博司

 A third generation craftsman leading his leather crafting studio with a 114 year heritage, in the historic artisan city of Kuramae.


 His journey started in 1970 at age 18, taking tutelage from the founder and his grandfather, striving for his crafts to reach the echelon of the trade and reaching the 50th milestone this year.

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Creation of tools

 “The craftsman’s quality can be seen in their ability to create tools”

 These are words of the founder (and my grandfather) of the leather craftings studio where MAROS wallets are composed under 114 years of history.

 A skilled artisan is said to create tools that are easy to use with their own hands, while owning an assortment of tools themselves.

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