"For Myself"

For that special item 

which deserves the utmost and personal affection. 

As we journey through life

we leave behind what is no longer needed.

We select the essentials,

and only those that are truly so.

So how many of these things do we keep

to truly cherish through the ages?

A gift from a loved one

A memento from a precious past

An object with the spirit of those who made it

Such object may look ordinary to others

While you feel its distinct value which attracted you.

Even in a day where the internet allows us to attain on a whim,

We prefer a world with more "affection for the object".

 "With Craftsmanship"

 Delivering an experience in the form of the Japanese Craftsmanship


Great design, high functionality or ease-of-use. We live with tools which cater to our demand for a myriad of reasons. But out of how many of those items, do we truly know the spirit of the craftsman that went into its creation?

An item’s Elegance follows with its Message. It is refined through succeeding the cultures of the past and repeating new courses. The Crafters of Japan will not hesitate to trial again in the pursuit of reaching completeness. An item which undergoes this journey, is an item forged with the spirit of the craftsman.

What Spirit drove these Crafters to create their works? We went on the search to tell their story in their words by creating that opportunity for you to experience the embodiment of the Japanese craftsman’s spirit.