About MAROS Craftsman

 A third generation craftsman leading his leather crafting studio with a 114 year heritage, in the historic artisan city of Kuramae.


 His journey started in 1970 at age 18, taking tutelage from the founder and his grandfather, striving for his crafts to reach the echelon of the trade and reaching the 50th milestone this year. 

 Leather crafts are created by pursuing the highest of skills and the principle of objects and under the principle of wanting worthwhile value.

 Like taking the dashi (broth) to prepare a delicious meal, he selects only leathers with a tightly woven tan indicating the highest quality material.

 True high quality comes from not only the skills and techniques of the drafting but in harmony with the knowledge and expertise of the leather.

 A gentleman’s wallet has been elevated to an artform through craftsmanship which brings out the true beauty of the leather through sparing no efforts.